Sensor and location based solutions for supply chain needs

4TS Corporation Oy is a Finnish technology company founded in 2002. It develops and delivers location and sensor based technologies and solutions. 4TS was one of the first companies to provide fleet management solutions and personal tracking technologies in Finland. 4TS's solutions and services have been used in for example ambulances, tow trucks, excavators, valuable cars and personal safety devices. Since 2008 4TS has delivered it's own unique technology solutions for wireless real-time monitoring of assets in supply chains. 4TS solution utilizes multiple sensors and dual locationing technologies to keep track at all times on the location and condition deviations of monitored objects. 4TS solution is a real-time blackbox for supply chain monitoring. 

Preserve the value of your goods and company brand.

Goods may lose their value if mistreated or kept in wrong conditions. That could end up to being expensive. Your brand value may also suffer if the goods are spoiled or broken when delivered, or if the delivery is unexpectecly delayed or missing altogether. 4TS solution gives you the possibility to be proactive before value of the goods has diminished or any damage has taken place.

Save money by preventing spoilage and other damages.

With 4TS solution you are able to monitor real-time the conditions where your goods and deliveries are. You will also get an immediate alert the deviation is out of range - so you can be proactive with preventive actions. There are several conditions that you can simultaneously follow, like temperature, humidity, shock, free fall, movement, integrity (unauthorized opening of a box or space), air pressure and location.

Avoid deficit and locate misplaced goods.

4TS solution gives you the possibility to track the objects practically real-time. It is unique that you can get the location accurately both outdoors and indoors, which makes it possible to track also inside warehouses and containers.

Prevent theft of valuables and preserve confidentiality of delicate materials.

The theft of valuables or confidential materials can be prevented, stopped, detected and reacted instantly by using various sensors and features of 4TS solution. You will get an immediate alert when a package, envelope, delivery container or storage room is opened unauthorized. You will be informed also if the transportation goes into a prohibited area or get out of the safe track. This gives you the oppoturnity to monitor the integrity of the supply chain from end to end. You are able to stop deficit and diminish counterfeiting. 

Control the efficiency of your supply chain and the quality of your services.

Many of the 4TS solutions features give you the possibility to improve the efficiency of your supply chain. You will know where your goods and deliveries are and you will automatically get informed when the delivery enteres or leaves a certain area. You are able to estimate accurately estimate the time of arrival or anticipate the possible delay already in transit. With 4TS solution you are able to monitor also the fulfillment of service level agreements (SLA) with your logistics service providers.